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OPTIKA - Digital video & photo cameras

Video cameras and photo cameras distributed by INGEO are systems to capture video and images with high resolution. Cameras can be mounted on stereomicroscopes and biological microscopes and used with related software on a personal computer.

OPTIKA - Digital video & photo cameras (DIGI Model)Optika Vision is a software family included with Optikam series.
There are two versions: Lite and Pro, designed to satisfy the needs for both the beginner and the advanced user. Optika Vision Lite is provided for all the Optikams. It can be used for reporting and linear measurements. Optika Vision Pro is included exclusively with the Optikam Pro series for professional image acquisition and analysis.

Currently the number of video cameras and digital cameras with high resolution is composed of 3 models:

OPTIKAM© PRO3 and PRO5: C-mount system for video and still-image capturing at HIGH resolution. An optical adapter (included in PRO 3/PRO 5)
can be used to connect it to the eyepiece tube of monocular and binocular microscopes.
LT version without any adapter, you need C-mount adapter for connect it.
Ideal for trinocular microscopes.

DIGI: a new DIGITAL camera with 12Mpixels, with USB connection
for PC and AV-Out for TV or monitors.
The advantage of this new DIGI 12 camera is also a video recorder device to record images processing from the microscopes, as well as using the camera for
your personal use.
8.0 Megapixels with 4x Optical Zoom, Optical Image Stabilizer, large bright 2.5-inch LCD for superb performance.
New Easy Mode simplifies operation, and shooting modes from Manual to Automatic make picture-taking care-free.
DIGIC III Image Processor assures sharper images and better functionality; enhanced Canon Face Detection Technology sets focus, exposure, flash and white balance automatically for greater freedom.
Motion Detection Technology automatically reduces blur by calculating subject movement and selecting ideal exposure and ISO settings.

For further informations about Digital video and photo cameras, please contact PhD Luigi Paracchini, phone number +39 0321 921654 (during office hours), or send an email to


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